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Reading List

  • Brian Frederiksen: Arnold Jacobs: Song and Wind
    Part biography and part description of Jacob's teaching philosophy and teaching wisdom. I refer to this book when preparing breathing lessons for musicians.
  • Sam Pilafian & Patrick Seridan: Breathing Gym, The
    Interesting and useful breathing exercises. Some of the exercises may need to be modified for younger students.
  • Oliver Sachs: Musicophillia
    Enjoyable read on neurology and music.
  • Kristian Steenstrup: Teaching Brass, 2nd revised edition
    An Interesting read on the theory of playing and teaching brass. I found this book to be helpful in understanding things I already sensed, had been taught and discovered for myself. Includes interesting info on the teaching of Arnold Jacobs.


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One-Line Bio

I'm a Feldenkrais Method practitioner and musician.


I studied Trombone Performance at the Univ. of Northern Colorado and the San Francisco Conservatory of Music (Bachelor's and Master's Degrees in Music Performance respectively). While studying and later working as a musician, I saw many of my colleagues suffer from health problems related to or caused by so many hours of practicing, and the stress that comes along with being a professional musician.

Looking for answers, I enrolled in a Feldenkrais Method® Professional Teacher Training Program. During the training process, I discovered that it was not only possible to positively influence maladies plaguing so many musicians, but also that the self awareness and ease of movement learned with the FM can actually enhance and enrich the process of making music.
Since graduating from the training program, I have been working in private practice with many musicians seeking relief from performance problems as well as those who want to optimize their playing skills.

The DMS workshops and newly published books entitled "Dynamic Stability & Breath, Volumes 1 and 2" are a culmination of working with myself, trombone students and musicians coming to my practice as well as research in the field of awareness, anatomy and movement.


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